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About Me

I am senior developer with recent experience in Python, deep experience in .NET and a willingness to learn Ruby fast. I'm also nearing the point in my career where I'm starting to have the qualities necessary for being a PM/team lead.

Skills & abilities

Agile Development
AWS, Ansible, Docker
JavaScript / jQuery / TypeScript / Node
PHP, Ruby

My Specialities

Agile Mindset

Backlogs, sprints, customer feedback...it works.

Polyglot Development

Deep experience in C#, Python ready, Ruby capable

Pair Programming

Four eyes are better than two.

Education & jobs

June 2016 - Feb 2019 Burson-Marsteller, (renamed BCW) Scrum Master and Senior Development Engineer
July 2014 - June 2016 Fors Marsh Group Senior Software Engineer I
August 2012 - July 2014 CACI JavaScript and C# Software Developer III
May 2008 - August 2012 Procentrix Senior Consultant
1996 -1998 Masters in Economics University of Akron

Language skills


Hobbies & Interests

  • Book clubs
  • Foreign Languages
  • Amtrak Travel

Past organizer of the Linguistics Book Club, Software Development Book Club, and Software Management Book Club

I was the organizer of an Icelandic Study Group for about three years.

I'm an Amtrak enthusiast, next trip Chicago.


Kind comments from people I've worked with:

Matthew is a tireless and dedicated mentor and Project Lead. No matter how busy he was working on the overarching system design, he always had time to commit to some pair programming or code peer review. He is always pushing to utilize the latest technology or languages to solve complex problems in efficient ways. Matthew’s vigilance in code refactoring saved the team countless hours of debugging.
Timothy Gelner Fors Marsh Group
I worked with Matthew for nearly 2 years and learned quite a lot from him. His knowledge of design and implementation in web development is quite impressive. He consistently looks for new and improved technologies and is skilled at integrating those technologies into ongoing projects. His vision and pure technical ability would make a fine addition to any development team.
D Lomada Fors Marsh Group
I worked with Matthew for about a year at CACI and was impressed with his web development skills and knowledge. Matthew has a knack for finding solutions to problems, and took a lot of initiative to help incorporate best practices such as unit testing and code analysis tools into our team's processes.
Ron Morrill CACI
My Dad encouraged me to learn how to program from the very young age of seven years old. I still remember reading my first lines of Visual Basic and getting the "Hello World!" program to compile and execute from Visual Studio 2003. I didn't initially value learning a programming language, but he leveraged my interest in a game called World of Warcraft to get interested in writing code in Lua to develop add-ons for in-game use. Looking back, I am exceedingly grateful that he took the effort to spark my interest in software development. I have conducted valuable research as an assistant in labs at Northeastern University, the Air Force Research Laboratories, Princeton Universities, and the National Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic and I could have done so at such a young age without my suprisingly (given that I am only 19 years old) strong command of programming languages including, but not limited to, Python, SQL, MATLAB, C / C++, and Java. I owe all of my programming experience and my continued interest in software development to my father. To this day, I still look to my Dad before anyone else when I need computer programming-related advice
Vladislav Martin Currently attending Northeastern University
I worked directly with Matthew for over a year after I inherited the role of product owner following a departure in our group. During a period of general organizational ambiguity, not helped by the fact that I had ZERO software development background, Matthew patiently stabilized, maintained, and productized the duct tape code he inherited from other former colleagues while walking me through the fundamentals of software management. This required on his part some code base forensics, coupled with "intro to software" at every step of the process to figure out what we had to work with then give me enough information to be able to make a business decision about next steps. As a result, our firm has a solid platform to build off of, and I have an understanding of software development and management. I have no doubt that Matthew's soft skills are somewhat unique in his profession- he's calmly navigated ambiguity and uncertainty and still managed to deliver a stable and useful product by gathering the right information and asking good questions. In closing, I would feel remiss if I didn't also mention his sharp and dry sense of humor, which, via our group Slack channel, helped bring our various teams together across different localities.
Sara Lenighan Burson Marsteller
Matthew is a very creative and thorough developer. He was consistently working to ensure not just functionality, but quality of the deliverables on a very demanding project with a most demanding client.
Matthew has a strong work ethic and loves to try to apply the most modern technical methodology to his assigned projects. I hired Matthew based on his already strong skillbase in SQL and understanding of web technologies. Not only was I not disappointed in his technical ability, but I have been impressed by his desire to learn and apply new knowledge. Matthew works hard and is a very dedicated employee
Rich Gautier Engility (DRC)
Matthew is a smart, thorough and hard worker who keeps himself current on a wide variety of technologies.
Paul Miller Engility (DRC)
Best Posts
22 May, 2014

Dumb Services

This post started as a thought experiement about security implications of exposing web service versus exposing ordinary web pages that process POST.

You website already surfaces almost all of the functionality of your backend services, just in a less convenient format. With libraries and effort, any web page can be treated as a "Dumb Sevice", a web service with a clumsy interface.

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22 May, 2014

What does a build master do?

One might naively think that the problem of compilation and deployment is solved, hit control-shift-b and you have a web site that runs...but if need every assurance that it works, then you'll want a fast, automated build that checks for all the flaws that machines are good at finding and are simple inexcusable once you know how a good build script is at fixing such problems.

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