University of Georgia's Pre-Game Speech

The speech copied and translated below is played before each football game at the University of Georgia.

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Glory, glory to old Georgia! pona! pona tawa tomo sona Georgia! Hooray! Hooray for the Georgia school!
Heroes have graced the field before you: men with the hearts, bodies, and minds of which the entire Bulldog nation can be justifiably proud. tenpo pini la jan pona li lon ma ni. kon ona en sijelo ona en lawa ona li pona tawa kulupu Bulldog. In the past, good people were on this field. Their spirits, their bodies, and their minds are good to the Bulldog nation.
A tradition of unbridled excellence demonstrated by these individuals and many others spans more than a full century. tenpo suli la jan ni en jan ante mute li pali e nasin pona. For a long time, these people and many other people created a good tradition.
And now a new breed of Bulldog stands ready to take the field of battle to assume the reigns of their Georgia forbearers and continue that tradition, understanding that there is no tradition more worth of envy, no institution worthy of such loyalty, as the University of Georgia. tenpo ni la jan Bulldog sin li wile utala lon ma ni. ona li wile lawa pona e nasin pi tenpo pini. ona li sona e ni: jan ali li wile e nasin sama nasin pi tomo sona Georgia. kulupu Georgia li lon sewi pi kulupu ante ali. Now, new Bulldogs want to battle on this field. They want to guide well the traditions of the past. They know this: All people want a tradition like the tradition of the Georgia school. The Georgia community is above all other communities.
As we prepare for another meeting between the hedges, let all the Bulldog faithful rally behind the men who now wear the red and black with two words—two simple words which express the sentiments of the entire Bulldog nation: Go Dawgs! mi mute li awen lon ma ni la jan Bulldog ali o wan tawa jan ni pi len pi loje en pimeja. mi mute li jo e nimi tu, e nimi pona tu. nimi tu ni li toki e pilin pi kulupu Bulldog ali: Dawgs a! While we stay on this field, may all Bulldog people unite to those people of the clothes of red and black. We have two words, two simple words. These two words express the feelings of the entire Bulldog nation: Oh Dawgs!