This is the first draft of the Toki Pona word list ever to be posted online. I have copied it below merely for historical interest. Beware that because many words have changed since this word list was posted, you should seek out more current resources elsewhere if you are studying Toki Pona as it is now used.
***  Toki Pona Word List  ***


This word list is 95% complete. Total 118 words so far. A few new minor words may be added later on.

 a   e   i   j   k   l   m   n   o   p   s   t   u   w 


a ah! ha! oh! ooh! aw! (emotion word)
ala no, not, none, negation, zero, un-
ale they, all, everything, anything, complete, whole
akesi non-cute earth animal, reptile, amphibian, etc.
anpa low, bottom, lower, down, under, below, floor
ante different, other, changed, otherwise
awen keep, stay, wait, reside


e (introduces a direct object)
en and


ijo thing, something, stuff, anything
ike bad, evil
iki he, she, it, him, her, his, its
ilo tool, device, machine
insa between, middle, centre, inside, stomach, torso


jaki disgusting, dirty, pollution
jan person, people, human, being, somebody, anybody, one
jelo yellow
jo e to have, contain, possess


kala fish, sea creature
kalama sound, noise, voice
kama to come, become, appear, arrive, happen, succeed, manage, then
kan to be/do/go with, accompany, among
kapa hill, mountain, bump, button
kapesi brown, grey
kasi plant, tree, wood
ken can, is able to, is allowed to, may, probable, is possible, maybe, power
kepeken use, with use of
kili fruit, vegetable
kin also, too, even, indeed
ko paste, substance, powder
kon air, wind, smell, atmosphere, mood, spirit, soul
kule colour
kute e listen, hear


la (between adverb of context and subject)
lape rest, sleep
laso blue, green
lawa head, main, lead, mind, brain, opinion, thought
leko block, square object, cube, stairs
len clothing, cloth
lete cold, uncooked
li (separates any subject except mi and sina from its verb)
lili small, little, a bit, short, few, less, young
linja line, family, rope, thread, string, cord, chain
lipu paper, card, ticket, something flat
lape to sleep, rest
loje red
lon to be (located) in/at/on, be there/present/real/true, exist
luka hand, arm, five, overly complicated number or thing
lukin e to see, perceive, look at, watch, watch out, pay attention, visit
lupa hole, loop, window, door, orifice


ma land, earth, country, outdoor area
mama father, mother, parent
mani money, material wealth, treasure, currency, dollar
meli woman, female, girl, wife
mi I, me, my
mije man, male, guy, husband
moku food, meal
moku e to eat, drink, swallow
moli die, death, kill
monsi back, rear end, behind
mun moon
musi to play, have fun
mute many, several, very, much, quantity, amount, a lot, abundant, numerous, more


nanpa number, -th
nasa crazy, silly, foolish, drunk, strange, stupid, strange, weird
nasin way, manner, custom, road, path
ni this, that
nimi name
noka leg, foot


o O! (vocative or imperative)
oko eye
olin e to love romantically
open e to open, turn on


pakala e to screw up, botch, ruin, break, hurt, injure, damage, accident
pali life, activity, work, deed, doing, project
pali e to do, make, act, work, function, be alive
palisa rod, stick, long or pointy thing
pana e to give, put, send, place, release, emit
pi of
pilin feelings, heart, emotion
pimeja black, dark, darkness, shadows
pini done, past, ready, end, tip, ago
pini e finish, close, end, turn off
pipi bug, insect, spider
po four
poka side, hip, neighbouring, next to
poki container, box, bowl, cup, glass
pona good, nice, positive, correct, OK, cool, thanks!, simple, sound, right


sama same, similar, seem, equal, like, as
seli fire, hot, warm, cooked
selo outside, surface, skin, shell, bark, shape
seme what, which, wh-
sewi high, up, above, top, superior, over, on, elevated, noble, religious, supernatural
sijelo body, physical, state, health
sike circle, round, sphere, ball, cycle, year, group, community, company
sin new, fresh, another, more
sina you
sinpin front, chest, wall
sitelen picture, image, draw, idea
sona knowledge, science, intelligence, understanding, wisdom, know how to
soweli land mammal, animal
suli big, tall, long, important
suno sun, light
supa horizontal surface, table, chair, etc.
suwi sweet, candy, cute


tan from, by, because of, origin, cause
taso but, only
tawa to go to, move, walk, travel, to, in order to, towards, for, until
telo water, liquid, juice, sauce
tenpo time, period, if, when
toki language, talking, speech, communication
tomo house, room, place, building, constructed space
tu two
tuli three


unpa e have sex with
uta mouth
utala fight, hit, strike, war, battle, compete


walo white
wan one, a, unit, element, particle, part, piece
waso bird, flying animal
wawa strong, energy, hard, fierce, intense, sure
weka away
wile e to want, need, wish, have to, must, will

 a   e   i   j   k   l   m   n   o   p   s   t   u   w