After much consideration, I've decided to retire my site after 17 years online.

I encourage Toki Pona enthusiasts to seek out other sites and study materials. The "12 Days of sona pi toki pona" series is a solid starting point, especially if you practice as you go along (on the Toki Pona Facebook page, for example). For serious, detail-oriented students, Sonja's book is worth the purchase. Importantly, I'll continue to host a copy of the official dictionary, as well as lists of place names and language names, and explanations of Sonja's hieroglyphs and sign language--all copied verbatim from Sonja's book.

To be frank, my site was surpassed years ago by other sites and references--a pleasant byproduct of Toki Pona's outstanding growth. As the Toki Pona community grew, I struggled to maintain the quality of the site--keeping it up-to-date, user-friendly, and helpful--at a level I could take pride in. After I saw numerous students get confused about differences among my site, Sonja's book, and other speakers, I extensively revised my site in 2015, hoping that the revisions would bring clarity, but the problem persisted and ironically got even worse (i.e., yupekosi). Furthermore, although few people seemed to mind, I also grew increasingly disappointed with the actual structure of my site: It was not at all mobile-friendly (I have no experience with mobile-oriented HTML and CSS.), and desktop viewing suffered from some coding problems, too. The site needed a substantial rewrite of both its content and coding, but I lacked the time and/or knowledge to get it done.

Although I recommend checking out other resources first, my course ("o kama sona e toki pona!") was an important reference for many years, and some students may still find it beneficial. Therefore, I'll continue to host an archival copy of my course. Since I don't plan to update the course going forward, I'm posting the course only as a ZIP file, so that future students won't unknowingly stumble onto material that might gradually become antiquated. My course is in the public domain, so feel free to copy and adapt it however you see fit, but I request that you not credit or acknowledge me in any future repostings, especially if you've made revisions.


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