o kama sona e toki pona!

A Toki Pona language course written by Bryant Knight (a.k.a. "Pije"), first published circa 2003, revised 2015

1. Introduction
2. Pronunciation
3. Basic Sentences
4. Direct Objects, Compound Sentences
5. Adjectives, Adverbs
6. Prepositions I: lon, kepeken, and tawa
7. Prepositions II
8. Negation, Yes/No Questions
9. Gender, Unofficial Words, Commands
10. Questions using seme
11. pi
12. Conjunctions, Temperature
13. Colors
14. Living Things
15. The Body
16. Numbers
17. la
18. New Words
19. Conclusion

Lesson Summaries
Index of Vocabulary Words by Lesson Number
Pije vs. pu: A Summary of Differences, by Stephan Schneider (external link)
Note: Several of the differences are already identified and addressed within this course, and others are mere stylistic preferences rather than true differences. Nevertheless, this write-up is a useful reference.