Toki Pona Music
Artwork from Ko Fight Club


sike tu li pona
Artist: Paul Goguen
Description: This song is about bicycles. It's smooth and flowing.
Download: siketu.mp3 (684 KB MP3 audio file)

sike tu li pona
li pona tawa mi
li pona tawa ma       
Two wheels are good
and are good for me
and are good for the land


toki pona li toki pona
Artist: Tobiah
Description: This one is a bit heavier and more electronic than sike tu li pona.
Download: tokipona.mp3 (2.05 MB MP3 audio file)

toki pona li toki pona.
sina jan pona mute.
Toki Pona is a good language.
Y'all are many good people.