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Type a word to spell. You get better results with toki pona words (using only tp letters)

There are several spelling proposals. The incomplete official one uses Greek names and proper modifiers, e.g sitelen Alepa. To be really nitpicky, it should be "sitelen Alepa pi toki Elena" Using proper modifiers to name things is back door vocabulary growth. Letter names that are descriptive of the sound (kon for h) or shape (sike for o) can get very, very long. The military alphabet relies assigning each letter an essentially arbitrarily picked word that won't easily be confused with any other assigned letter name.

Military/Radio Alphabet. Suitable for use on noisy radios


Proper Modifiers: Greek Letter Names

sitelen Sima, sitelen Omikon, sitelen Tikama, sitelen Eta, sitelen Lameta, sitelen Jota

Proper Modifiers: English Letter Names

sitelen Ese Inli, sitelen O Inli, sitelen Topuju Inli, sitelen E Inli, sitelen Le Inli, sitelen Aji Inli

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