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The is a recreational relex, not a lojban/loglan style attempt to split the community in two or six. I hope to put a variety of re-lexes here using a variety of other source languages, starting with the tokipona-English-like, Latin-like and Russian-like.

A relex preserves the grammar of the language, but replaces all the vocabulary. It's legitimate use is to create a conlang with a particular sound, but without investing any time in creating a vocabulary, syntax, discourse, or anything else. This isn't translation folks.

Pseudo-Latin, pseudo-French sounds more prestigious to the American ear than pseudo-Proto-Polynesian. Another legit usage of this would be to prepare toki pona poems or texts for consumption by an audience that doesn't understand toki pona anyhow.

These relexes aren't final! So don't start memorizing them yet. I'm certain there are mistakes and bad choices at the moment. In particular, it isn't clear what to do with the endings of Latin or Russian words. For some freaky output, force the result to follow toki pona phonotactics. That will apply the transliteration engine to the relexed text to make it sound like toki pona again.

Pick at target language
aquas est deorsum quia nigrum album magna
mi sentio e avis in cum mi
avis est ire caeli est ire terra manu manu gutta unum
mi cum e nomen cum non sonus
avis est venari e caeli mi

avis est ire deorsum ire terra deorsum
est ire caeli in tractus somno mi
est ire alta e mi. mi somno.
avis est ire e mi quia cropus mi.
mi gutta e hoc.

mi multa est ire caeli in alta gibba terra
in aquas virtus.
mi video e herba magna hoc:
herba est ire virtus quia virtus de caeli et aquas
terra locus est somno petra

humana de virtus caeli est ?? e manu ire hoc:
humana est ?? e nomen loqui ire humana de oculus unum.
mi video e tempus finem e tempus hoc
e tempus veni idem unum idem tempus de non ore.

mi possum video e terra aquas de virtus caeli
e iter de scio non in cropus mi.
humana de petra et herba est ire ludicrum in circuli mi.
tempus omnes si hoc est tractus somno vel quod?

Relex dictionary:
a	ah
akesi	lacerta
ala	non
alasa	venari
ale	omnes
ali	omnes
anpa	deorsum
ante	alia
anu	vel
awen	custodi
e	e
en	et
esun	copia
ijo	res
ike	male
ilo	instrumentum
insa	intra
jaki	foeda
jan	humana
jelo	flava
jo	jo
kala	pisces
kalama	sonus
kama	veni
kasi	herba
ken	possum
kepeken	cum
kipisi	incide
kili	fructus
kin	nere
kiwen	petra
ko	stercus
kon	caeli
kule	color
kute	auris
kulupu	classis
la	si
lape	somno
laso	??
lawa	caput
len	panni
lete	frigida
li	est
lili	paulo
linja	unda
lipu	pagina
loje	ruber
lon	in
luka	manu
lukin	video
lupa	foramen
ma	terra
mama	mater
mani	pecuniam
meli	puella
mi	mi
mije	vir
moku	manducare
moli	mori
monsi	tergo
mu	emugio
mun	luna
musi	ludicrum
mute	multa
namako	supplementum
nanpa	numero
nasa	delirus
nasin	iter
nena	gibba
ni	hoc
nimi	nomen
noka	tibia
o	o
oko	oculus
olin	amor
ona	eam
open	aperta
pakala	frangere
pali	opere
palisa	lignum
pan	panem
pana	??
pata	frater
pi	de
pilin	sentio
pimeja	nigrum
pini	finem
pipi	bestiola
poka	cum
poki	cisti
pona	bona
sama	idem
seme	quod
seli	calidus
selo	cute
sewi	alta
sike	circuli
sijelo	cropus
sin	nova
sina	te
sinpin	faciem
sitelen	tractus
sona	scio
soweli	bestia
suli	magna
suno	sol
supa	lectus
suwi	dulce
tan	quia
taso	sed
tawa	ire
telo	aquas
tenpo	tempus
toki	loqui
tomo	locus
tu	duo
unpa	futuo
uta	ore
utala	pugna
walo	album
wan	unum
waso	avis
weka	gutta
wawa	virtus
wile	volo

This is a fan site. The creator of toki pona is jan Sonja, which isn't me. All Content create by me is Creative Commons, by Attribution. Feel free to make derivatives to the extent you can or want to. The toki pona corpus texts come from a variety of locations and I believe its usage is acceptable, noncommercial fair use. If you don't think so, email me and tell me what document is yours and I will remove it.
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