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This turns all the words of your text into hyperlinks to the improved classic word list. It is link to the single word definition. Someday, if I ever get a phrase dictionary going, I'll link well known phrases as well, e.g. "jan pona".

Is this of any use if you alreay know the 125 words? Mostly just for when you forget that kon also mean "soul" or telo also means "wash"

This technique could be used for any online dictionary. Some day I also plan to do one of these for Icelandic

telo li anpa tan pimeja walo suli
mi pilin e waso lon poka mi
waso li tawa kon li tawa ma luka luka weka wan
mi kepeken e nimi kepeken ala kalama
waso li alasa e kon mi

waso li tawa anpa tawa ma anpa
li tawa kon lon sitelen lape mi
li tawa sewi e mi. mi lape.
waso li tawa e mi tan sijelo mi.
mi weka e ni.

mi mute li tawa kon lon sewi nena ma
lon telo wawa.
mi lukin e kasi suli ni:
kasi li tawa wawa tan wawa pi kon en telo
ma tomo li lape kiwen

jan pi wawa kon li pana e luka tawa ni:
jan li pana e nimi toki tawa jan pi oko wan.
mi lukin e tenpo pini e tenpo ni
e tenpo kama sama wan sama tenpo pi ala uta.

mi ken lukin e ma telo pi wawa kon
e nasin pi sona ala lon sijelo mi.
jan pi kiwen en kasi li tawa musi lon sike mi.
tenpo ale la ni li sitelen lape anu seme?

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