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telolianpatanpimejawalosuli mipilinewasolonpokami wasolitawakonlitawamalukalukawekawan mikepekenenimikepekenalakalama wasolialasaekonmi wasolitawaanpatawamaanpa litawakonlonsitelenlapemi litawasewiemi
the waterVERBlowerscausesblackenswhitensSuli mifeelsDOthe birdonwithMi wasoVERBmovesturns into airVERBmovesturns into landhandshandsremovesWan miusesDOthe wordusingnothingKalama wasoVERBhuntsDOthe airMi wasoVERBmoveslowersmovesturns into landAnpa limovesturns into aironmakes a picture ofthe sleepMi litohighDOmeI
the birdVERBmovesDOmeIbecausethe bodymy
mimutelitawakonlonsewinenama lontelowawa
ILi(IMP)manyVERBtoaironhighbumpMa lonwaterpower
ILi(IMP)seesDOthe plantlarge, magnitude'sthis
kasilitawawawatanwawapikonentelo matomolilapekiwen janpiwawakonlipanaelukatawani
the plantVERBmovesmakes powerfulcausesmakes powerfulOFthe airandTelo mathe houseVERBputs to sleepKiwen janOFthe powerair's, gassyVERBgivesDOthe handmovingthis
the personVERBgivesDOthe wordspeakingtoperson'sOFthe eyeone's, unified
milukinetenpopinietenponi etenpokamasamawansamatenpopialauta
ILi(IMP)seesDOthe timeend's, finalDOthe timethis's ethe timebecomingthe same thing (?)one's, unifiedthe same thing (?)time'sOFnothinghole's
mikenlukinematelopiwawakon enasinpisonaalalonsijelomi
ILi(IMP)canseesDOthe landwater's, wetOFthe powerair's, gassy ethe wayOFknowledgeun-the truthbody's, incoporealI
the personOFthe rockandthe plantVERBtoplayoncircleI
the timeallIFthisVERBpicturesleeporwhat

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Glossing is a pain for two reasons: the HTML tables require lots of tags, and most glossing rules are optimized for languages that inflect- not isolating languages. Also, toki pona is highly polysemous, so a decent glosser would have to pick from one of tend possible meaning for each word.

Another challenge is that glossing rules tend to assume one word has many meanings, while in toki pona, it takes many words to equal one meaning.

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