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toki pona sometimes feels like writing code, in part because it for the most part follows an (E)BNF grammar, like all computer programming languages do. Colorization is a very common way of making code more readable.

This colorization scheme only colorizes the easiest to identify parts of speech. There are too many possibilities to reliably ID nouns, modifiers and verbs. The code behaves strange when it comes to non toki pona text.

jan Kanso (FRAn�Ois ScHWicKer)

kala suli li wile moku e kala lili mute. kala lili li tawa wawa tan kala suli. taso kala suli li kama jo e kala lili Ali li moku e ona.
ni li nasin mani.

kala lili mute li wan li utala e kala suli. kala suli li tawa wawa tan kala lili mute. kala lili Ali li ken jo e lon pi utala ala.
ni li nasin kulupu.

nasin mani li ike!

|________________________________________________________________________| kala
|________________________________________________________________________| li
|_______________________________________| lili
|________________________________| suli
|________________________________| e
|___________________| mute
|___________________| nasin
|_____________| moku
|_____________| tawa
|_____________| wawa
|_____________| tan
|_____________| jo
|_____________| ali
|_____________| ni
|_____________| mani
|_____________| utala
|______| jan
|______| kanso
|______| (
|______| fran
|______| �
|______| ois
|______| schwicker
|______| wile
|______| taso
|______| kama
|______| ona
|______| wan
|______| ken
|______| lon
|______| pi
|______| ala
|______| kulupu
|______| ike
|______| !

This is a fan site. The creator of toki pona is jan Sonja, which isn't me. All Content create by me is Creative Commons, by Attribution. Feel free to make derivatives to the extent you can or want to. The toki pona corpus texts come from a variety of locations and I believe its usage is acceptable, noncommercial fair use. If you don't think so, email me and tell me what document is yours and I will remove it.
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