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Skype chat offers the best odds of an audible conversation. But Skype takes the most set up. Everyone needs headphones, microphone, a Skype account and to show up at the appointed time.

toki pona chat for Skype

To join:

  1. You must be on
  2. ...I had originally planned to use meetup to organize call times.. That didn't work out. Meetup is optimized for in person meetups, not international call ins.
  3. Chat happens at scheduled times. If you want to co-organize or host an event to cover other time zones, contact me via private message on the forums or via meetup in toki pona.
  4. Anyone can view the chat without signing up, but you must be approved to particpate
  5. Everything you say you agree to release a creative-commons license attribution license and becomes part of the toki pona corpus (the sum total of everything said in toki pona available for study and re-use).
  6. Skype supports conference calling and generally is easier than Ventrilo or other similar free conference calling solutions.

Join now

Chat about what's on your mind. More about public chats.

If the above doesn't work, try this link.

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