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Chat Room Guidelines

The toki pona community has been using about 10 different online forums over the past 10 years, mailing lists etc, and all of them have seen their share of spam and other bad behavior, a very few fights, many arguments (and some of those productive ones!), and lots of abrasiveness. This document is to encourage the community to get along-- it's mostly taken from other document I found on the web.

tenpo ale la o kepeken e nimi jan lon sinpin nimi jan.
tenpo ale la o kepeken e sitelen lili pi kalama toki.
sina mute o utala ala e sama.
tenpo ala la o kepeken e nimi jaki pi toki ale.

jan li pakala e lawa la jan li ken ala toki lon ma toki.

Always address people as jan + their name.
Use lower case--that is--don't use ALLCAPS.
Don't fight.
Don't cuss, in any language-- particularly the personal insults
Should these rules be broken, that person will be banned from the chat room.

o sona e kulupu nimi ni:
Learn these phrases
mi pakala. Sorry.
mi pilin ike tan ni. I regret to hear that.
mi pana e pona (tawa sina tan ni) Thank (you for this). (Likewise, this can mean I'll give a fix for you)
mi kama/mi tawa/tawa pona. I've arrived, I'm going, 'fare thee well'
tenpo kama la tu la mi mute o toki. Talk to you later.
seme? mi sona ala. What? I don't understand. (Be careful this also means know, understand, etc)
mi sona (e nimi sina). I understand (your words)
tenpo lili la mi weka (e ilo nanpa). I'm away from the keyboard

kin la o sona e ni: Also learn these:

Hello / Good morning / afternoon /evening
tenpo suno pona! Good day!
tenpo pimeja pona! Good night!
suno pona! Good sun! Good day!
lape pona! Sleep well! Have a good night!
mi tawa! I'm going. Bye!
tawa pona! (in reply) Go well! Good bye!
kama pona! Come well! Welcome!
musi pona! Good fun! Have fun!
Hi !
My name is
- nimi mi li jan Mato.
How old are you ?
- sina sike e suno napna seme?
- mi sike e suno MLW
Where are you from ?
- sina tan ma seme?
- mi tan ma Mewika.
Are you married ?
- sina jo ala jo e jan olin?
- mi jo/mi jo ala.
I'm learning your language but do not speak it very well. -
- mi kama sona e toki sina taso mi toki ike li sona ike. (speak and understand poorly)
- mi jan sin pi kama sona. I'm a new learner.

Sorry Sir, I did not understand the word XXX. You see, I'm learning your beautiful language...
jan sama o! pakala mi. mi sona ala e nimi "Foobar". o sona e ni. mi li sona e toki sina...
How do you say that in (name of your target language) ?
jan li toki e nimi "Foobar" kepeken nasin seme (kepeken toki pona)?
jan li toki e (kulupu) nimi "tomo ko" kepeken Inli? (kepeken nasin seme?)

This is a fan site. The creator of toki pona is jan Sonja, which isn't me. All Content create by me is Creative Commons, by Attribution. Feel free to make derivatives to the extent you can or want to. The toki pona corpus texts come from a variety of locations and I believe its usage is acceptable, noncommercial fair use. If you don't think so, email me and tell me what document is yours and I will remove it.
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