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jan Sonja

jan Sonja wrote the original toki pona lesson plans about 2000. jan Sonja finally delivered on a 10 year promise to write a book, Toki Pona, The Language of Good.

jan Pije

jan Pije extended the original lessons and has been kind enough to release them to public domain. This lesson set on is an older iteration, but is the best formatted for printing (it is about 100 pages).

jan Mimoku

jan Mimoku put together a children's book and published it on lulu.

jan Elisa

Eliazar Parra Cardenas wrote this color set of lessons first in Spanish. It is also available in English, translated by Dave Raferty.

jan Mato

Wiki Books Reference Grammar

Wikibooks is a place where the "mob" can write books. Someone put up an outline for yet another set of lessons, but I've replaced it with an outline of a reference grammar, the sort that a field linguist might compile.

A Toki Pona Reader

This is vapor-book jan Mato (that's me) will be publishing any moment now. I plan to find all the public domain and creative commons works and compile them into a single printable document, sorted by difficulty with a glossary of phrases.

This is a fan site. The creator of toki pona is jan Sonja, which isn't me. All Content create by me is Creative Commons, by Attribution. Feel free to make derivatives to the extent you can or want to. The toki pona corpus texts come from a variety of locations and I believe its usage is acceptable, noncommercial fair use. If you don't think so, email me and tell me what document is yours and I will remove it.
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