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Here is the issue tracker.

Big things not implemented

  1. Bracket reduction (currently show brackets for chains, complex chains, etc even if it's all boxing a single word)
  2. en and anu as alternatives for direct objects, prepositions, and other uses
  3. Direct quotes are broken

Recently Fixed

  1. Questions, tag & x ala x (treated like tas or conjunctions)
  2. Negatives, Intensifier (treated as word tags, a sort of phrasal morphology)
  3. Serial verbs (kama/tawa etc)
  4. Conjunctions (only as pre-sentence tags, not as logic)
  5. Inferring and Glossing numbers
  6. Modals (ken, wile)
  7. In-sentence vocative chains (i.e. jan Mato o jan Pija o, sina mute li jan pona kin!)